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Our matterport services

OVRVIEW precisely scans your space from multiple angles and adds many features to it for an ideal immersive experience.

OVRVIEW uses Matterport technology for 3D detection of digital spaces, for its architectural plans with dimensions and for the possibility of exporting object files for professionals. This technology brings properties to life.

Our matterport services

Virtual visit

Move to a place as if you were there with surprising quality. Visit the space as if you were physically moving from one room to another and live an immersive experience.

Dollhouse view

Take a step back and observe in 3D your property from the outside, rotate it around any axis to see it from any perspective.

The dollhouse view is a 3D vision of the place which has been digitized by the Matterport camera. Thanks to its LIDAR laser and the high precision of the camera, you will be perfectly aware of the structure.

Plan view

With one click, instantly see the entire space, looking from above as if the roof had been removed to allow you to easily understand the layout of the premises.


Describe the features of the space by placing annotations where you want them, such as comments, Guide visitors to what they need to see.

Measuring tools

Take measurements of any wall, door, window or object in space. You will be able to see if a piece of furniture or equipment can pass through doors, corridors, etc.

2D plan

The 2D plan which shows the organization of the rooms in the house and more technical data of the space such as the floor area. The 2D plans ordered are 99% accurate.

Our video services

For exceptional goods we create tailor-made experiences, vectors of emotions.

For exceptional villas or apartments it may be more advisable to turn to making a film visible in a virtual reality headset.

Virtual reality experiences have the potential to significantly improve conversion rates by boosting the user experience during a private meeting or even in an agency.

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